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Five Ways To Clean Your Office Without Harming The Environment

A clean office and retail showroom are essential to keeping up employee morale and making a good first impression on customers and clients. However, increasingly, consumers are opting to do business with companies that make a strong effort to reduce their impact on the environment. One good way you can do this is by “greening” your office cleaning routine. Being kind to the environment doesn’t have to mean settling for a less-than-pristine workplace. It just means being smart about the products and procedures you use to clean your office space.  

How to keep your office clean while still being environmentally responsible

1. Use green cleansers. Cleaning products that use gentler cleansers, such as vinegar, borax, lemon juice and baking soda, can clean as well as more toxic chlorine bleach-based cleansers. Increasingly, cleaning services are offering “green” office cleaning packages. Make sure to ask what cleaning products they use.

2. Consider a track-off system for your entryway. The majority of dirt and dust in your office gets tracked in on visitors’ and employees’ shoes. An easy way to avoid this is to invest in a track-off entryway system that collects dirt from people’s shoes as they enter your building. If such a system is outside of your budget, then add a doormat and change it regularly.

3. Get rid of those anti-bacterial soaps and cleansers. Antibacterial soaps are no more effective than traditional soap and water (used correctly) and can actually be detrimental to your employees’ health. Anti-bacterial products kill off all but the more resistant strains of bacteria, leaving your office potentially filled with “super bugs.”

4. Add plants. Live plants help to naturally cleanse the air in your office. Plus, they are a lot less noisy, less expensive and more attractive than air-purifying equipment. Recent studies indicate that many plants, such as dracaena and ivy, can actually remove toxins from the air and convert them to harmless substances.

5. Reduce the use of paper cleaning products. Another good idea is to substitute cloth rags for paper towels or, at the very minimum, use paper products that are made from recycled materials.

Office cleaning and environmental responsibility don’t have to be conflicting terms. All you need to do is use “green” cleaning products (or hire a “green” cleaning service), get rid of as much dirt as possible from your visitors’ shoes, and make sure to add plenty of live plants to your office space. Contact a local cleaning service, such as Springs Cleaning, for further assistance.

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