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2 Tips For Caring For Your Freshly Laid Sod

Having a lush lawn is a major goal and point of pride for many homeowners. Unfortunately, there are many yards that may not have the type of soil needed to support a lush lawn. In these instances, it may be best to simply install sod as opposed to trying to grow the grass from seed. However, there are some homeowners that do not realize the type of care that sod can require to get it off to a good start. If this applies to you, learning these sod care tips should help you to get the most from your new lawn. 

Avoid Mowing The Sod For A Couple Of Weeks

One of the most obvious forms of maintenance that is required for your lawn is to mow the grass. However, it is important to avoid mowing the lawn too soon after laying it. Without a strong root bond to the ground, sod can be torn and ripped right out of the ground by a lawnmower. It is best to give the grass a couple of weeks to grow and develop roots before you subject it to a mowing. This will give allow the grass to divert most of its energy into to establishing its root network. After a couple of weeks, the grass should be ready for its first mowing, but you should leave the clippings in place to decompose because this will return nutrients to the soil to further spur the growth of your new sod. 

Intensively Water The Grass For The First Week

During the first week that you have your sod, you should make it a point to heavily water it on a daily basis for first week. The grass will need to expend a lot of energy and resources to lay down a root network, and without an ample amount of water it will be difficult for your grass to have the energy needed to do this. 

When watering your grass, you should leave the sprinklers spraying water on the sod until you see standing water. Repeat this process each day, but make sure that you water during the events to prevent the hot water from damaging the growing root network. 

Laying sod can be one of the best ways to quickly install a lush and beautiful lawn, but it is important for the lawn to be properly acclimated to the new environment to minimize the stress of this transition. By following these two tips, you can help ensure that your new sod is as beautiful and healthy as possible. If you’re looking to purchase sod, visit

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