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Why Hiring a Private Firm to Trim Trees Beats Having the Utility Company Do It

Do you have a tree with branches growing close to power or telephone lines? That’s something you don’t want, and that your local power company definitely doesn’t want.

In most municipalities, the local utility companies have the right to trim back or spray any tree or vegetation that interferes with the wires. They are, in most cases, automatically granted an easement to manage any trees or vegetation that might interfere with the ability for the lines to properly transmit electricity or data. Here’s why you want to take care of the problem yourself, before the utility company gets to your tree.

1. Control the method.

Most people would prefer that their trees be selectively and professionally trimmed rather than completely removed, or unattractively pruned using methods like topping, or cutting off the top of the tree that interferes with the transmission lines. Topping is a practice that can hurt the tree and cause it to grow in unsightly ways. Even when this is not commonly used, a practice called directional pruning, where all potential interfering tree limbs are cut away, can have similar results.

The utility company generally has the right to remove any or all vegetation, or even to use herbicides on tall-growing trees or plants that might interfere with the lines. The herbicides that are generally used are supposed to be safe, but overspray could affect other plants nearby.

When herbicides aren’t used, mowing might be, which can result in an unattractive appearance, ground erosion issues and problems with uneven ground or rutting due to the mowers used.

2. Work is done on your schedule.

By employing a professional tree trimming service to maintain your trees and shrubs that are in the vicinity of power lines, you can keep them from growing too tall. Your utility company will have information about how much space they require around the lines; your local tree trimming professional should be well acquainted with the regulations in your area. In general, it’s a good idea to leave even more space than required to account for lines sagging in various weather conditions.

You can also have the tree trimmers come when it is best for your family and best for your trees. The utility company contractors who trim trees don’t pay attention to what’s best for the health of the tree when they come around.

3. Clean up is easier.

While in most areas, the utility company contractors make an effort to clean up cut branches, they may not do so according to your wishes. Perhaps you’d like the limbs chipped and be able to use the result as a garden mulch, or you have another use for them. When you hire your own professional tree service, you can control how the branches are collected and used after they are cut.

You may also find that your professional service will take more care with underlying landscaping than a utility contractor.

The wisest way to keep your trees at the proper height and prevent overgrowth into utility lines is to employ the services of a tree trimming professional to regularly maintain and treat your trees.

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