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Why Use Truck Fuel Cells?

As oil prices continue to rise, many trucking companies have turned to using fuel cells, rather than other, more traditional, forms of energy. These fuel cells have a wide range of benefits that allow them to be seen as far superior to using fossil fuels alone.

1. Reduces the Amount of Greenhouse Gases Released

As threats of global warming and the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere increases, governments all over the world, including the United States, have expressed concern over the amount of emissions trucks produce. To combat this, they have placed caps on the trucking industry and many other industries in order to encourage the development of other technologies that do not produce as many emissions. Truck fuel cells are one such invention. They can help companies reduce their carbon footprint, as well as help them avoid having to pay fines associated with surpassing the carbon emissions cap.

2. Extremely Reliable

Fuel cells are some of the most reliable forms of alternative energy currently available. They are guaranteed, by most manufacturers, to function correctly almost 100% of the time. This is critical because many truck deliveries are time sensitive. For example, a truck that is delivering medical supplies to a hospital will need to arrive on time because the hospital will plan its shipment just as it is running out of those supplies. If the power source for the truck does not function properly and delays the shipment, then the hospital will run out of the supplies. Using a reliable power source will keep this problem from ever happening.

3. Lightweight

Because fuel cells weigh far less than a tank of petroleum, they are able to improve the overall fuel efficiency of the truck and increase the distance that it can travel and the amount of product that it can ship without having to refuel. This saves time and money, as well as makes it easier for the entirety of a product to be shipped in one trip, increasing ease for customers. Making the change from traditional fueling methods to a fuel cell can improve the shipping capacity of the truck.

If you are interested in improving the shipping capacity of your fleet, reducing energy emissions, and making sure that every shipment reaches its final destination in a timely manner, talk to a local provider about the types pf fuel cells for trucks that they offer. Describe your shipping situation and find out which fuel cell is the best for you.

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