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3 Stress-Saving Steps To Take When Moving Into A New Home

One of the most stressful aspects of life is moving into a new home. You may have a lot of personal items to organize, and may need to get things in order with your new home. To make this process go as smoothly as possible, these steps can be taken.

Use a 2-1 Moving Truck

Moving heavy objects by hand can be physically taxing and dangerous if you are not careful. You can move heavy items efficiently and safely when you use a 2-1 moving truck. These trucks start out as a dolly, which is ideal when moving boxes. Then, once you start moving heavier items, you can convert the truck into a 4-wheeled cart.

Featuring a steel construction, these trucks can support a lot of weight without damaging. They also have large rubber wheels mounted on the side, which let you move this truck easily over rough surfaces.

Get Help from a Waste Removal Company

During your move, there may be a lot of things that are not going to be needed for the new home. Instead of removing these items yourself, you can get help from a waste removal company. These companies will bring dumpster trucks to your property, and they will remove any unwanted items you have.

Some things that these companies can pick up include furniture, metal, electronics, appliances, and much more. They will recycle as many items as they can, helping you better the environment. You will not have to worry about doing any of the heavy lifting, or taking large items off your property.

Rent Out a Moving Truck

If you are not going to be getting help from a professional moving company, it’s smart to rent out your own moving truck. These trucks range in size, which go from 12-26ft. There’s ample space on the inside, allowing you to move all of your items in one trip.

When looking for a moving truck, it’s important to get one that has non-slip wooden floors. These floors prevent your items from sliding around and damaging while the truck is moving. Also, if you are going to be moving at night, it’s smart to get a truck with lights on the inside. That way, you can see everything clearly when moving items in and out of the truck.

Moving can be both mentally and physically taxing. It doesn’t have to be, though, when you take the steps above. They will help you actually enjoy moving into your new home. 

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Why Use Truck Fuel Cells?

As oil prices continue to rise, many trucking companies have turned to using fuel cells, rather than other, more traditional, forms of energy. These fuel cells have a wide range of benefits that allow them to be seen as far superior to using fossil fuels alone.

1. Reduces the Amount of Greenhouse Gases Released

As threats of global warming and the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere increases, governments all over the world, including the United States, have expressed concern over the amount of emissions trucks produce. To combat this, they have placed caps on the trucking industry and many other industries in order to encourage the development of other technologies that do not produce as many emissions. Truck fuel cells are one such invention. They can help companies reduce their carbon footprint, as well as help them avoid having to pay fines associated with surpassing the carbon emissions cap.

2. Extremely Reliable

Fuel cells are some of the most reliable forms of alternative energy currently available. They are guaranteed, by most manufacturers, to function correctly almost 100% of the time. This is critical because many truck deliveries are time sensitive. For example, a truck that is delivering medical supplies to a hospital will need to arrive on time because the hospital will plan its shipment just as it is running out of those supplies. If the power source for the truck does not function properly and delays the shipment, then the hospital will run out of the supplies. Using a reliable power source will keep this problem from ever happening.

3. Lightweight

Because fuel cells weigh far less than a tank of petroleum, they are able to improve the overall fuel efficiency of the truck and increase the distance that it can travel and the amount of product that it can ship without having to refuel. This saves time and money, as well as makes it easier for the entirety of a product to be shipped in one trip, increasing ease for customers. Making the change from traditional fueling methods to a fuel cell can improve the shipping capacity of the truck.

If you are interested in improving the shipping capacity of your fleet, reducing energy emissions, and making sure that every shipment reaches its final destination in a timely manner, talk to a local provider about the types pf fuel cells for trucks that they offer. Describe your shipping situation and find out which fuel cell is the best for you.

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Is Your Tree Too Dangerous?

Many who are concerned about protecting trees might object when they hear that one of their trees need to be felled. Tree removals are not bad for the environment if the tree would have fallen anyway and tree removals can ensure that the tree does not topple in a dangerous manner. If you’re worried an aging tree may be presenting a hazard to you or others, read on to find out when it’s best to remove a tree:

Leaning Trees

Some trees lean, but a dangerous tree will seem to lean more and more week after week. Pay close attention to the tree and try to determine if the extent to where it leans is growing. You may want to take a few pictures from a fixed point to measure any changes in the trees lean.

Wounded Trees

When trees are damaged, through storms, herbicides or through other means, they can sometimes heal and continue to thrive. However, if more than half of the tree has become damaged, it is probably better to eliminate it. At that point, the tree is unlikely to recover and will probably topple over. It is better to remove it in a controlled manner than to allow it to fall on its own.

Trunk Damage

The damage that is the greatest sign of a doomed tree is damage done to the trunk. Old wounds that never seem to heal on the trunk can indicate internal decay that will eventually destroy the tree. Tree trunk damage that is more than 25% of the tree is unlikely to heal.

Hollow Trunks

Just because the trunk is hollow doesn’t mean that the tree is dead. The outer edges of the tree can contain living tissues that can continue to support the tree. However, if more than a third of the trunk is hollow, the tree’s integrity will likely be jeopardized and the tree is likely to fall over.

Multiple Trunks

Trees can sometimes develop multiple trunks, which can be potentially dangerous. V-shaped or U-shaped trees can have weak spots that can cause the tree to split in two. Also, if an event causes the tree to split, it will be unstable even if it has living tissue. Cracks that extend through the trunk can also kill the tree.

Soil Problems

The ground should be inspected to make sure that all is well with the tree. If the soil is contaminated or has too much moisture, the roots can rot. This will cause the tree to become unstable and the tree will also likely perish because it will have no source of nutrients or water. Not only will you need to remove the tree, but you’ll need to correct the soil problem before you can add a new tree.

To learn more, contact a company like Affordable Tree Care with any questions or concerns you might have.

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Spotting Evidence Of Termites In Your Home? What Are Your Treatment Options?

Although they may appear small and fairly innocuous — like a winged ant — termites can have a huge impact on both the economy and personal finances, causing more than $2 billion worth of property damage each year. If you’ve noticed evidence of termites in your home, what type of treatment should you choose? Should you go straight to tenting and fumigating your home, or are there less extreme (but still effective) ways to control your termite population? Read on to learn more about the most common types of termite treatment to determine the right course of action for you.

Exterior chemical barricades

The least invasive and often least expensive way to manage termites in your home (as well as prevent future infestations) is to apply an insecticide around the foundation of your house once or twice per year. As a bonus, the most common insecticide used to control termites (fipronil) is also effective at combating ants, yellow jackets, wasps, and fleas. However, if your termites have already caused some structural damage, a more extreme and quick-acting remedy may be needed in order to avoid future damage.

Another treatment method involves application of a similar type of liquid insecticide in the soil around your home. Because termites will often burrow in soil while entering and leaving a home, this application can be more effective than applying a layer of insecticide to the home’s foundation.

Tenting and fumigation

One of the most effective ways to kill termites is through fumigation. During the fumigation process, you’ll be asked to leave your home and stay in a hotel for a few days (along with any pets). Your household food and medicines will be double-bagged in a special type of plastic that is impermeable to the gas used during fumigation. A large tent will be placed over your home and secured to the ground with water- or sand-filled bags, to prevent any gas from escaping and causing breathing problems for your neighbors. Because all windows and interior doors remain open during this procedure, the gas is able to travel freely through your home, killing all termite colonies present.

After the fumigation has ended, the tent is removed and your home is aired out before your return. Although this remedy may seem extreme, and will disrupt your family’s normal routine for a few days, it is one of the quickest ways to solve a severe termite problem.

For more information, contact ICI Termite & Pest Control or a similar company.

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